About Us


USA Ignition Is a trademark of Taro Manufacturing Company INC a family-owned company established in 1993. Prior to its establishment, the family managed the manufacturing of distributor cap & and rotors for the various companies that owned the business since its inception in 1932. Their parts are still made with the same quality materials and craftsmanship as they were when your car first came off the assembly line.



Taro is located in Auburn, New York and is currently the only company making distributor caps and rotors in the USA.



Taro produces a line of high performance spark plug wires for USA Ignition. The spark plug wires are made from Packard 8mm high performance silicone suppression cable with a wire-wound aramid fiber core. The wires are then finished off with stainless steel terminals and covered with silicone boots. These wires were designed to deliver the maximum power to your engine’s spark plugs.